Multiple Handicrafts Jewellery Designs for You

Handicraft jewellery has been fashionable since ancient times and is made by a hand other than using machines. Artists commonly make these pieces of jewellery by using available materials, and it comes with unique designs by employing several innovative techniques. Various types of material and stones like gemstones, beads, specially coated wires, threads, etc. are used for making these jewelleries.

You can get excellent handicrafts jewellery online that are made from terracotta art, bamboo, jute, etc. You can find here a few interesting examples of exquisite crafts jewellery that comes with brilliant designs.

Terracotta jewellery:

This eco-friendly jewellery is a rage among the girls who are highly conscious of style. It is used for making ethnic and hanging jewellery items, and it comes in a lovely mixture of colours. These styles of terracotta designs get inspiration from nature, mythology, ancient motifs, as well as geometrical patterns. There are extensive uses of terracotta jewellery like the terracotta bands, terracotta earrings, terracotta bracelets, etc.

Jute jewellery:

Jute is a natural fibre and is also commonly called as ‘golden fibre’ and is one the strongest among all natural fibres. There has been a lot of demand for jute based costume, and there are a lot of varieties of jute jewellery also. Among the most popular jute jewellery, jute bracelets, jute earrings, jute necklace, jute anklets are trendy.

Bamboo and Cane jewellery:

Bamboo has been in use from ancient times, and it had been widely used for cave paintings, carvings, etc. It requires a high degree of craftsmanship to make bamboo jewellery and gifted technicians make excellent bamboo jewellery with metals, enamel and fine braided wire.  It can take numerous attractive forms with multicoloured blending that create an image of three-dimensional contours. Bamboo jewellery can be classic handicrafts jewellery online when diamonds or pearls are combined with the making of the jewellery.